Hey friends, here’s a little bit about me. Rewind to 2014 where my yoga journey began. I wasn’t a grounded person, living out of an RV in Big Sur, followed by working + living on an organic farm in Hawaii for several months. I was making very little money, but got the opportunity to attend a yoga class. I wanted to quit after every posture we were given. my muscles shook as my mind was busy formulating an escape plan. But there was something so powerful about completing the class. The impermanence of each pose, forcing me to meet myself again and again, As I was. Five years later, and I am still meeting myself again each day. Learning to be softer with myself, exploring the space between effort and ease. This practice on the mat spread into my life off the mat. I stopped rushing, I started practicing mindfulness at every turn, and work towards being a better version of myself every day.

But that’s not all.

It’s become an essential emotional outlet for the trauma I’ve experienced through loss in my life. The practice gave me the tools to healthily release and work with this deep rooted pain. 

Emotions, just like postures are temporary.

This practice grounds me in a way I’ve never experienced, and is the only constant in my life- I always have myself.

In 2016 I completed my 200hr training at Three Trees Yoga & Healing Arts Center in Hatha Vinyasa & Ayurveda. One year later I completed my 300hr training in Costa Rica with Bodhi Yoga Academy, focusing heavily on Ashtanga Yoga. Because I crave consistency, the Ashtanga Primary Series has become apart of my routine like brushing my teeth in the morning.

I didn’t stop there. Attending a multitude of workshops and retreats, I’ve poured my heart into learning as much as I possibly can. Acroyoga and Inversions being some of my favorite areas of focus, I am grateful to have found my purpose in sharing yoga with you.