The Wise Sunflower


The Wise Sunflower

We aren’t much different from plants.

I think we can learn everything we need to know about life when we observe the plant kingdom.

They know survival. They understand purpose.

We as humans aren’t much different… maybe just out of touch with this innate wisdom. Brainwashed by societal standards, reaching impossible expectations when all we need to do is let the light guide our way...

Some of us are raised in controlled environments and thrive. Others, adapt. When we aren’t transplanted or treated with care we can go into shock or trauma, just like plants. Sometimes, never returning to our full potential. But... it’s necessary to experience and endure storms, challenges, to grow stronger + wiser. 

I notice the most resilient plants are the ones that don't rely on the perfect environment to grow, they don't wait for permission to spread their roots wider... they don't depend on a single tap root for their resources. They are fearless, but also intelligent. A plant can feel the energy of their surroundings, whether it be harmonious or competitive, they do whats necessary to thrive.

It's hard not to see these traits in people. 


I find myself always observing, feeling,  & maybe over-analyzing my own roots. How deeply they dove into places of comfort and familiarity. My tap root in particular, the feeling of home in my dad. wherever we lived, he felt like home. I never even imagined life without him, unprepared you could say, for what was to come. When he passed away I felt my entire being scrambling to tap into the earth once again. Wounded and lost, I attempted to sink my roots back into my surroundings, but this time... it felt uncertain.

Like the ground could come up from under me at any moment. 


So what did I have to lose? I think this is what made it so easy to step outside of my comfort zone and leave everything I knew behind. I found contentment in new faces, new places, and felt uneasy staying put too long. From my own experiences, it was as if every person and place was temporary. I became a master in the art of letting go, holding onto the things I loved hurt more than detaching completely.   

But this is no way to live. I felt empty from desensitizing, hurting a lot of feelings along the way to protect my own. So something had to change. Effort had to be made again. Without a strong foundation, without trusting where you stand, you are unable to grow. 

I was tired of constantly adapting. 

So, I surrendered control & began to trust the universe. Slowly opened myself up to deeper relationships, and put all my energy into re-aligning with my purpose once more.

I feel most in line with myself and this world when I am helping others, bringing community together, and sharing the yoga practice with those who are drawn to diving deeper into the Self. These people, are my companion plants. Never in competition with whomever chooses to grow by my side, but sharing our unique gifts with one another and cultivate abundance. 

Abundance is in the eye of the beholder.

I recognize the blessings in everything; the challenges are there as opportunities to grow. Instead of being afraid and pushing these challenges away, I embrace it as a gift of Abundance from the universe.

Without rainstorms, flowers can't grow either. 

So if we were all plants, I would be a wise sunflower. Rooted deeply and fearlessly into wherever I'm planted, offering the light in which I am constantly chasing to everyone I meet. Another word for wise, or one with experience, is "Sage". 

I look to plants for the answers in this complicated world. A friend once told me, most communication between people is non-verbal. We don't have to speak the same language to sense a negative tone, a persons body language tells an entire story. We even have the power to sense the energy of a room we enter, whether that is excitement or sadness, and adapt accordingly. 

I read the energies of those around me, creating healthy connections and boundaries so that we all thrive/grow/learn/BLOOM. If you were a plant, what kind would you be?

let's grow together.